August 28, 2012

I don't intend for this blog to become all about the baby, although there will be a considerable amount of photos showing off his cuteness...cause let's face it...he's cute:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

...But here are a couple of videos that have nothing to do with babies, but a lot to do with funny.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee


7 Minutes in Heaven


August 22, 2012

two months.

It's hard to limit these photos to just a few as Ezra has so many funny and adorable facial expressions.  It's hard to tell if it's his personality or just gas (or both).  It may not seem like he's changed since month one, but he is definitely growing into a little chunky buddha.  As of our last doctor's check-up, Ezra's a healthy 12.5 pounds.

Ezra has been responding quicker to people smiling at him and has such happy eyes when he smiles back at you (even though you wouldn't know from these photos).  He's really starting to "talk" up a storm, especially if he's in a good mood.  If you are able to catch his eye, he'll engage in a plethora of coos, gurgles, and other baby sounds which make up his version of a conversation with you.  He's such a curious little boy and loves looking around, so getting out out of the house is good for him as he seems to take so much in of the outside world.  He had his first bus ride and kept his composure very well.  I find that I get anxious with every new experience I have with the baby cause I'm not sure how Ezra would do, if he'll start freaking out cause he's hungry or uncomfortable, or that I would have to start breastfeeding which is still so awkward for me, especially without a pillow for support.  But most of the time, he's great and generally happy.  He even went to his first photography gallery show and first stand-up comedy show (both of which he slept through).

I got to experience one of the worst things as a new parent - immunizations.  So sad.  Unfortunately, Matt had a class so couldn't make the doctor's appointment.  I tried to prepare myself so I wouldn't start crying seeing my baby in pain.  But I still fought back some tears as I watched his face turn red and scrunch up in pain and heard him wail when the first needle was administered.  Poor thing didn't know what hit him and he cried the hardest I'd heard him cry.  Three shots.  But he didn't cry for long; I knew he could handle it.  He's a trooper.

August 17, 2012

one month.

I got this idea from a couple who posted monthly photos of their little one.  I've come across various ways people have documented the growth of their child in the first year and wanted to do the same for ours.  But knowing my poor track record for long-term projects (i.e. the one-a-day photo project I attempted three different years and never completed a full year, and needless to say, my book-a-month resolution has been stalled but I have a good excuse for that), I needed to make this as simple as possible.  Really, the motivation is to make sure I'm giving regular updates for the grandparents.  So on this couch, with Albert our French Bulldog, in a diaper, every month for a's Ezra starting at one month.

In the first month, Ezra went from 6.9lb to 9.5lbs.  Apparently, he's gaining weight in leaps and bounds.  He's been smiling and can even roll from tummy to back on his own.  The midwife informed us that in the second week, babies often "find their voice" which is another way of saying crying more and louder.  And that he did.  The middle of the night feedings were pretty brutal in the first couple of weeks but I started to (barely) get the hang of it.  But despite the sleepless nights and crying (Ezra's and mine), it's worth it to have this little peanut finally with us.

so fast.

I find myself grieving on almost a weekly basis.  Every week he changes...his face, his body, his movements, his sounds.  And although I'm excited to see him grow and develop, I find that I miss and wish he was still the tiny, quiet, cuddly lump of a newborn that he was.  Somewhere in the third week, his face became so distinctly different from the week before that it took me by surprise.

But one thing is always the same.  I can't look at this face without an overwhelming sense of awe, joy, thankfulness, and love.

day two
week one                                                                                              week two
week three                                                                                             week four

August 16, 2012

if you didn't already know.

We had a kid.

So now, we are parents.
I wish I had blogged about the pregnancy because I had so much to say about that.  But let me sum it up for you:
-pretty good first trimester, sleepy second trimester, uncomfortable third trimester
-no weird food cravings, but I did develop a crazy sweet tooth, which I never really had before.  Needed, yes, needed to eat something sweet after a meal, and if it involved chocolate, even better.
-peed all the time.  Sometimes even in my pants.  There’s nothing more annoying than walking away from the washroom after having used it, and to suddenly feel a wet warmth in your crotch and not having any control over it.  I know, gross.

It was a healthy pregnancy.  However, labour proved to be tough and I ended up having an emergency c-section (perhaps the birth story can be another post for later on).  In the end, we welcomed our son, Ezra, into the world on June 22 at 1:42am, a day early, weighing 6lbs15oz.