March 31, 2011

spring break + nephews = a trip to the aquarium.

We took the nephews to the Vancouver Aquarium last week.  Forgot that it was Spring Break for many schools so the place was packed with kids galore.  Fun was had by all...searching for a cave-hiding octopus, touching sea anemones, watching/helping Dora the Explorer save Amazon animal families, learning about the beluga whale melon, and, of course, searching for the sloth...until the very end, when what we expected to be an exciting Discovering Reef Sharks show turned out to be "so boring."  But we figured it was our cue that it was about time to go home, plus the fact that we had already spent about four hours there.  Managed to not lose anyone.  That is, if you don't count Auntie Kristin turning around for one moment to attend to the "bored" nephew, only to turn back and notice the other one was not where he was standing before.  A few minutes of minor frantic searching (let me remind you it was Spring Break in a dimly lit exhibition hall) and finally I spotted a shaggy blond top standing patienty with the shark lady host.

"I just wanted to ask her a question," says the inquisitive nephew.  Big sigh.

Regardless of a boring shark show, a short brothers time-out, and crusts on the lunch sandwich, I still think we scored some aunt/uncle brownie points.

Sporting cool 3D glasses for the Dora the Explorer movie.

Nemo found.

The scuba diver with the sharks wasn't that boring.

March 28, 2011

March 21, 2011

underground river.

UNESCO World Heritage Site
Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, Palawan, Philippines

March 18, 2011

happy birthday, buddy.

Slight resemblance?!...on left-Matt; on right-Buttercup the three-toed sloth
Woop woop, it's Matt's birthday today
Hope it's as fun as a game of croquet
Wish you another great year
Full of goodness and cheer
You deserve it, you fabulous hombre

March 14, 2011

answer: d.

This is:   a) a picture of the streets on Boracay
             b) should be in a magazine
             c) the best picture humanly possible with the camera that I own
             d) all of the above

March 8, 2011

uph: the genesis project.

Our friend Duane Forrest is undertaking a new project in collaboration with Urban Promise Honduras, the organization Matt was involved with for the past two years.  We wanted to give Duane a shout out and show the video he made featuring what the pilot program is about.  The Genesis Project is a school for the arts providing local children, youth, and adults the opportunity to explore visual arts, music, drama, and dance.

If you'd like more information about The Genesis Project, contact Duane -
If you'd like to contribute financially to The Genesis Project , go here.

March 7, 2011

(not so) chocolate hills.

Bohol, Philippines.
During dry season, the grass becomes brown, hence the name "Chocolate Hills."