April 16, 2012

sun run.

Vancouver, BC

April 13, 2012

april book.

Start Something That Matters
by Blake Mycoskie

Well, I'm a little behind with my book reading resolution.  But I finally finished the last one and am promptly starting this new one.  I came across this book's recommendation in a newspaper and found myself intrigued.  I was reminded of it recently perusing a blog with various book recommendations, which recommended this one also.  So I thought, well then, I should read this book.  Probably mostly because the author was a contestant in the Amazing Race, which I love.  Note to self: watch that season.

April 9, 2012

la conner, washington state, usa.

April 3, 2012

two years and counting.

it's been bliss.

(photo by Pure Light Studio)