May 22, 2013

eleven months.

These photo shoots are getting harder and harder with this little guy becoming more mobile.  He can hardly sit still now.  We first bribed him with Baby Einstein on an ipod (see dazed look with drool photo).  But we turned that off eventually and it was the end of the world for him (see having a fit photo).  So we appeased him with cheerios.  Yes, rewarding bad behaviour with food.  We're off to a good start as parents.

This kid started young as a babbler/talker and we've noticed that he's discovered new sounds by using his tongue to "speak."  He's been adding sticking-out-his-tongue L-sounds and back-of-the-tongue S-sounds to his "da da"s and "ba ba"s; he sort of sounds a bit like a lisping Daffy Duck.  Every once in a while he sounds like he's actually saying real words and phrases and they're often in the correct context.  When he leaves the room, he can respond to someone waving goodbye to him by waving back and saying what sounds like "bye-bye".  And one time, while in his high chair, he grabbed my hand and said what sounded like, "Gotcha".  And it wasn't just me that heard it.  Who knows if he really understands what he's saying, but I'm guessing that he'll be talking in no time.

Something else that's coming out of him is his little baby tantrums.  Not even a year, and he throws quite the little fit if he doesn't get what he wants or gets something taken from him.  I realize that babies may do this, but I don't find it particularly cute.  He'll respond by either throwing things, hitting the sides of his head, or ramming his fist into his mouth, or smashing his face on whatever surface is in front of him, or slamming his head back on whatever surface is behind him.  Sometimes, it's so ridiculous I can't help but chuckle.

But he's still incredibly adorable.  It's fun to see him respond to people now.  He looks at you when you say his name.  He smiles back at you when you smile at him (unless he's feeling shy).  He gets excited when you chase him.  He loves being with other children.  You can tell he's starting to appreciate music; when he hears it, he starts to sway to it or rock back and forth when he's on all fours.  He already has a good sense of rhythm.  And he cuddles more and it's the best thing when he snuggles up to you before he goes to bed.  He tucks his hands in between his tummy and yours and lays there like he knows that's the safest place he could be.

April 22, 2013

ten months.

Big happenings this month...teeth and crawling.  At the end of the month, he cut his first tooth.  It wasn't as terrible as I was told it would be; he handled it all quite well.  And shortly after that, another one popped out.  His biting and gnawing on you isn't so cute anymore as it now hurts.  I dread when the top teeth come in if I'm still nursing.

And the crawling kicked in, slowly but surely.  He figured out how to get on his knees and started rocking back and forth.  One day we noticed he started scooting his knees forward a step or two.  We enticed him with toys and a trail of cheese (yes, for real, cheese), and he did it, gingerly walking his hands with little steps and sort of dragging his bent knees behind him.  We cheered so loudly that it startled him and he started crying.  We watched in amazement as he made his way forward toward the toy/cheese goal.  And then we'd scooch him back to the beginning to make the trek all over again.  After a few times, he seemed to be getting tired of it that at an arm's reach from his goal, he would simply collapse, lunging forward, and grasp his reward and then just lay there.  Eventually he figured out how to move his legs from his hips and we now have a crawler.  He may be slow taking teeny steps but he can still get into things, which means we've got to get on baby-proofing the house.  He is not a happy camper when you move him away from the new discoveries he's been making in the cupboards he opens and the wires he finds lying around.  

It's like he can't get enough of the new world that being mobile has opened up to him.  He's learning to pull himself up, which also means we've had to lower his crib bed.  He loves to practice walking while holding onto furniture or someone's hands.  He gets upset when you pick him up or try to sit him down when he's in the walking zone.  He'll grab onto your hands and push his tummy out as a way of getting himself on his feet so he can start walking.  He's still jiggly about it but he already seems so sure with every step he takes.

* * *

A friend of mine encouraged me that, instead of seeing Ezra as "growing too fast," I see him as being exactly where he should be as he grows and develops.  There are these average expectations charted for various milestones in a child's development and it's so easy to compare your child to them and say he's behind or he's advanced.  I hear "every child is different" a lot, and I'm seeing how true that is with Ezra.  He's exactly where he needs to be and I wouldn't want it to be any different.

April 9, 2013

"watch your chin, buddy."

I can only hope that Ezra will be as helpful and encouraging if he ever has a younger sibling.

April 8, 2013


April 2, 2013

adorable duo.

What could be cuter than one kid singing the Lazy, twins singing it.

March 26, 2013

Passover, kids' edition.

We shared a Seder meal with friends last night.  Years ago, I'd participated in a Passover Seder in a synagogue that opened up a meal to non-Jewish people interested in learning about this traditional meal.  Last night's Seder dinner was much more lax, yet still full of symbol and meaning.  It ushered us into remembering the story of Passover and the deliverance of the Jews from Egyptian slavery.

But here's a not-so-accurate, yet amusing version told by some kids.  I wouldn't quote them on it, but hopefully you'll enjoy their take on Moses and the Passover...alien included.

March 22, 2013

nine months.

Although he's not crawling forward, he has discovered that he can travel a little by pushing himself backwards.  You'd be surprised by how far he can travel across a floor just by sliding backwards and pivoting in circles.  But mostly, he really likes to stand/lean.  He will hold his arms up to you, as if he wants to be picked up by you, but all he really wants is your hands to support him so he can "stand."  You could try to make him sit, but he just arches his back or goes stiff as a plank, so he can't bend to sit down.  And since he doesn't walk, he just, stands or leans, if you prop him up against something.  But he's as happy as a clam.

We're adding spices to food now...cumin, turmeric, curry, cinnamon.  So fun.  He's loving it, but I think he just loves eating in general.  I've read that if a baby doesn't want to eat anymore he will spit food out or turn his face away or lean back into his chair.  He's never done any of those things.  He just keeps opening his mouth when you put a spoon up to it, even if he's cranky.  He's not so keen on water.  He'll definitely knock away a sippy cup if you try to put it anywhere near his mouth, but he will not say no to a spoon full of food.

And we've completely transitioned to cloth diapers, finally.  I wish we could have done it sooner, but there are soooo many options and I got overwhelmed and was hesitant to spend all that money before I knew for certain what diapers we'd use.  After finally getting out to a cloth diapering workshop, I knew what I wanted to try, bit the bullet and ordered my "system" of diapers and accessories.  It's taken a little time to transition, as most of the system is made up of 'prefolds' that are folded and placed into a cover, but we've gotten the hang of it and it's pretty normal now.  Our trash output has drastically gone down without a bag full of diapers to toss, which makes me happy for the sake of the earth.  We even use cloth wipes and homemade wipes solution.  Call me eco-conscious or granola, but I'm just discovering a world of natural, homemade cleaning products, and I like it.

I don't know if it's a universal baby thing, but this kid is fascinated with technology.  He will lunge for a laptop or cellphone, over playing with a crinkly giraffe or a multi-coloured piano. Maybe it's cause he sees big people playing with these things, but he definitely wants to get in on the action.  Makes me nervous for when he'll be asking for his own cellphone at the age of two.

As of his nine month check-up, he's 21 pounds.  He is a good-sized turkey.  Every once in a while, I'll look at him and notice that something has changed, like how his round baby pot belly isn't so round anymore having stretched out a couple more centimetres in the past few months.  I wonder if it's a universal parent thing to feel both excited and sad for your growing infant. I'm excited to see the milestones of growth and development that each month brings, but I'm a little sad to see those teeny baby moments, like how he used to fit into my forearm when I held him or how he used to gently coo at you, fleeting away and becoming distant memories.  But one thing will always remain the same...that is the bountiful joy and laughter that this little human brings into our lives.

March 20, 2013

March 19, 2013

teddy bear.

After last Tuesday's Matty the Sloth video, I decided to attempt to do a weekly Too Cute Tuesday post.  I say attempt because if you know me, you know that committing to be consistent with something is a bit of a challenge for me, like new year's resolutions or this blog.  Why cute things?  Cause there are a lot of cute things out there and "too cute Tuesday" is nice alliteration.

So here's another 'ugly' but cute animal video, with a nod to St. Patty's Day.  Porcupines may not be the cuddliest of animals, but the cute factor comes from the sounds it makes while chomping down on his corny treats.

via Cute Overload

March 18, 2013

he loves swings.

and it's his daddy's birthday today!

March 16, 2013

toy stories.

A fascinating photo project by Italian photographer, Gabriele Galimberti, featuring kids from all over the world with their toys.  Whether proudly displaying their one prized possession or a collection that filled their room, it's clear that all children share a love for play.

via A Cup of Jo

March 12, 2013

matty the baby sloth.

This is one of the cutest things I've seen in a while.  We love sloths.  Actually, my husband loves sloths, so it's fun that this little guy is named Matty, too.  I've grown fond of them because of his affinity for them.  They're pretty up there in the 'ugly but cute' animals category...along with French Bulldogs.

I'd like to say that we've been to this sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica and, unfortunately, did not get the same treatment by any sloth.  Matt felt a little shafted that he wasn't able to hold a sloth but he did sneak a little touch with some baby sloths in a box while the staff wasn't looking.

And if you just can't get enough sloth adorableness, there's a Sloth Appreciation Society.

March 11, 2013

owl spotting.

Snowy Owl at Boundary Bay Regional Park, Tsawwassen

March 9, 2013

comical kids.

Kurtis Findlay, an acquaintance from our time at Urban Promise Vancouver, has created a comic strip about the cute things his kids say and do called "Kids, Eh?"  What makes it funnier is that we know these people and that these are actual situations and happenings.  These kids come up with some really cute stuff.

"Naked Surprise"

"Best Hiding Spot Ever"

"Poo or Pooh?"

March 8, 2013

it's inevitable, i guess.

Me: I tried giving Ezra steamed sweet potato in chunks.  He was able to gum it and eat it.

Matt: Hmm.

Me: That means I don't have to puree all his food now.  He can start eating more lumpy and mashed foods.

Matt: Worst.

Me: What?! Why?

Matt: It means he's growing up.


March 4, 2013

Kimberley, BC.

February 25, 2013

Fairmont, BC

February 22, 2013

eight months.

He's still not crawling, but he rolls around and can pivot on his tummy when he's lying down.  He's got the right leg movements, he pushes them out, but I think because his rolley polley tummy lifts him off the ground a bit, his feet don't make contact with the ground so he can't move himself forward.  It's like he's swimming on the spot.  No teeth yet, but he loves slamming back the puree.  I've been making baby food and in the beginning, it seemed like it wasn't too much trouble and I liked knowing what was going into his food.  But the romance of it is slowly wearing off and I can see the convenience of store-bought jar food.  But he's sleeping through the night, for which we are utterly grateful.  I don't know why I'm still so tired during the day though.  I guess it just comes with being a parent.

His rolling of his fist turned into opening and closing of his hand, like he's doing "twinkle little star" or saying hello/goodbye.  And he's really into making babbly noises by "strumming" his lips (I don't know how else to describe it).  Whether he's happy or angry (his voice goes up and gets tense), it's like his way of communicating right now.  And I'm loving how when I put my hands out to him to pick him up, he puts his hands up to me to be picked up.  Sometimes when we sit next to him and he's done playing on his own, he'll turn to you and start to reach out to grab you or try to eat whatever body part of yours is closest to him, because he just wants to be with you or wants your attention.  It warms my heart every time.

People say he's looking more like his dad.  His hair and skin have gotten lighter.  But I can still see me as a baby in him, especially when his hair gets curly after a bath as I had curly hair too as a baby.  And I was a chubster baby like he is.  He is one solid kid.  My back will never be the same.  But how can you not want to pick up this bundle of slobbery cuteness?!