November 22, 2012

five months.

It's all about discovering new things for this little one.  Like his hands.  It's one thing for him to suck on them, but when he catches a glimpse of them, whether bare or covered with mitts, he stares at them and gingerly moves them around like he's trying to figure out what they are.  And he's discovered my hair and loves to touch (and pull) it when it is near his reach.  And he makes this new noise by pursing his lips and blowing out with all his might so it sounds like a little whoopie cushion.  He can entertain himself (and others) for quite a while making this noise.  It's pretty adorable, especially when he does it out of nowhere into your face.

He also discovered the swimming pool which was probably more exciting for mom and dad than baby.  He seemed to be enjoying his bath times, splashing water with his feet, so I thought we should try the pool.  So we went for the first time this month to a really nice local pool with some other moms and babies we knew.  While other babies wore swim shorts and rash guards, Ezra kicked it European-style and just rocked the baby "speedo" (just swim diapers).  I figured he had enough natural insulation that he wouldn't get too cold in the water, and sure enough, he had no goosebumps the whole time.  He seemed a little intrepid as we first entered the pool, looking around and taking in all the new sights and sounds, probably thinking, "This is some huge bathtub."  We played with water toys, floated around the lazy river, soaked in the hot tub wheelchair ramp (where it was a little cooler), and passed a ball around in a circle with his baby friends.  Then at the very end, one of the moms showed us how to dip baby underwater, so we gave it a try.  So with a blow on the face and a quick dip underwater, Ez came up, a little caught of guard, but not freaking out.  Yeah.  He did it.  We went swimming a second time with dad and he seemed a lot more comfortable while daddy held him on his tummy and helped him "swim."  He was kicking his feet, like a frog, and splashing with his arms in front.  This time he went under waterfalls and sat between (and on) fountains of water.  The pool will definitely be a regular occurring outing for us.

Things he seems to love right now are sticking his tongue out, reading books, grabbing and holding on to things, "standing", and watching tv.  Yes, I know, babies aren't supposed to watch tv till they're two, but his attention is quickly directed to any screen whether it's a computer or actual tv when there's something on.  This he definitely gets from his mom.  Things he seems to hate right now are getting his nails cut, taking naps, being left alone, being strapped down (i.e. in his car seat or stroller), and getting his nose cleaned out with a baby aspirator...but can you blame him?