July 17, 2011

meeting a white dude for the first time

I grew up with dreams of being a missionary to some crazy tribe in the middle of the jungle, and being the first Westerner ever to contact them. These un-contacted tribes are nearly all gone now.  Many people think its abhorrent for missionaries, or any Westerners, to interrupt these peoples pristine existence and to let them continue living as they have for hundreds of year. On the other hand, some people say that these people are going to get in contact with the rest of the world eventually, and better a missionary or someone looking out for their rights, then a government or corporation looking to exploit them (as has happened countless times in the past). It will be interesting to see how humans deal with these last remaining un-contacted tribes in these last few years.

I don't know the background to this clip, what profession this white man has or the purpose of contacting this tribe. I'm also not sure how I feel about their choice, and how they so frivolously keep blowing apart these people's worlds by continually showing them "new" trinkets and gadgets. There are some huge responsibilities that come with introducing a culture and people to the outside world, one that I'm not sure I would want. Regardless, it is a fascinating video and interesting to think about. The music makes it all the more magical. Enjoy.