May 6, 2012

may book.

Out of the Silent Planet
by C.S. Lewis

The last time I read C.S. Lewis was The Great Divorce.  Even though that book was less than 200 pages, it still took me about two years to finish it.  I pretty much forgot the beginning and middle as I got to the end because I kept putting it down for long periods of time...not so much because I needed the time to process it, I just got easily distracted and much rather watched Chopped.  I know for some people that may be shameful considering it is Mr. C.S. Lewis, but I can't tell you how many other times I had attempted to read his books and never finished them.  Mere Christianity, Screwtape Letters...but those were at times in my life that my feeble student mind just could not wrap my head around such profound thoughts.  One day, I'll read them.  One day.

Some may gasp when they read this next thing...I've never read the Chronicles of Narnia either.  Oh, I've watched the movies and am happy someone made the movies otherwise, I would still be in the dark about them.  But it's in our to-do list as future parents, that we would read these together with our kidling(s), so I'll save them for now.  Until then, I'm branching into another fiction by Mr. Lewis because it happens to be on our bookshelf and doesn't require me going out to get it at the library.  I've heard good things about this book, but I'm a little unsure how I'm going to take to the sci-fi genre.  I'm encouraged that this book is only 160 pages long but when I flipped through it and saw how tiny the font was, it all of a sudden felt like a daunting task. pathetic am I to be intimidated by a little fiction book even if it is about aliens and written by one of the greatest authors in history (as I shake my head in disgrace of myself).