October 31, 2012

in the details.

What do you get when you put...

World Champion Filipino Boxer

Originally, we were mulling over two Halloween costume ideas for the kid.  One of them was to dress him up as Psy of "Gangnam Style" fame, and to make it a family costume I would be the skinny yellow-suit guy with the bowl cut hairstyle and Matt would be one of the female back-up dancers in the white tunic top and silver hot pants, but waaaay too difficult to put together.  And then the other idea was to dress him up as Kim Jong-il, but I thought that would be in bad form since he was known to be a not very nice person.  But Ez would have been a dead ringer for him, don't you think...

Ok, maybe not so much.

But Matt had an epiphany while perusing through the sports section at Value Village.  He saw some boxing gloves and it was an obvious decision.  So we proceeded to find the pieces that would come together to form the famous boxer's costume.  We even lucked out finding the perfect boxing booties.  To make it even more authentic I sewed a "Pacquiao" waistband and sponsorship labels on the shorts, and put a Filipino flag on the robe (if you're wondering about the orange thing on the robe hood, it's a duck bill).  I had no idea what I was doing since I don't sew but I think the whole thing turned out pretty sweet.  Matt did an amazing job transforming orange mittens to boxing gloves with red duct tape (he even added thumbs), and drew a sexy six-pack on a onesie.  The last distinguishing piece was the goatee which I made and sewed onto a soother.  It's a pretty sad looking goatee but it completes the costume.

Without the fake six-pack, in all his kegger-belly glory...

The whole fam in costume.  Can you guess what Matt and I are?  Stole the ideas from other people, but we went the witty pun/cheezy costume route.

October 22, 2012

four months.

I'm amazed at how fast this baby changes and grows.  As of his four month check-up, he's 16 pounds and has grown a couple of inches.  He's a husky boy, as Filipinos would say.  I love his little baby man-boobs.  And it's like he has no joints, no wrists or ankles, because his sausage arms and legs are so chunky.  And you can't see his neck because it's covered with his double chin/nape of his neck.  The downside to that is when stuff gets stuck in those folds, it could get pretty foul.  But all that stockiness just means more sweet baby girth to cuddle with. 

We're getting to see more of his personality.  He can get sort of tantrumy and stubborn when he goes down for naps, throwing his back into an arch or shaking himself awake.  But when he succumbs to his tiredness and gets drowsy, he sort of hums a throaty hum to himself until he falls asleep.  He can cry but he often just yells or screeches when he's not happy or fussy.  I hope that doesn't mean a temperamental toddler in the future .  But he likes getting tickled and loves jumping in the jolly jumper.  And he's really liking his baths.  He was not happy the first couple of times but now he likes to lay in the warmth and splash the water by kicking his feet.  He's still a talker, squealing and cooing his conversations to anyone who will listen including his crinkling giraffe toy.  I said the last month, he's seems a bit of a serious kid, but I think it's more that he's just chill and laid-back, like his dad.