January 28, 2013

everymonday is back.

and if you so feel like perusing, everymonday from my old blog.

January 26, 2013


What happens when you eat beet soup...

This came out of my body.

January 23, 2013

I had resolved to not make any resolutions for 2013 because I have a poor track record when it comes to keeping them.  If I know anything about myself, it's that I'm a much better starter than a finisher.  I get excited about the next new thing, but I tend to eventually lose interest or get distracted by the next shiny new thing.  But perhaps the reality is, I lack discipline (ouch...that's right, the truth hurts, Kristin). 

It's not that I don't finish things...I have two degrees, made one of these, and have sent out my wedding and baby gift thank yous.  But when it comes to new year resolutions, I begin with such fervour, only to end up petering out.  I think I tend to fail my new year resolutions because I choose something that requires a task to be done consecutively through a year (e.g. read a book a month, take a photo a day) and I just don't think I do long-term commitment very well.  In the end, I feel like a lame-o when I don't accomplish what I had set out to do.  But, in defense of failing last year's resolution, I did have a good excuse.  However, choosing to read a book a month in the same year I was expecting to birth a human was not thought out well on my part.  I guess I thought I would have all this "free time" on my hands since I'd be on maternity leave for a year, so a book a month...no problem.  Ha.  Joke's on me.

Maybe it is a bit under-achieving of me to not make resolutions because I fear failure?  Why set myself up for the inevitable?  But the thing is I like setting goals for myself and striving for something.  Whether it's daily or life-long, I like feeling like I've accomplished something and it feels good putting a check mark beside a task or goal as "done."  So I don't want to say I've made resolutions, but I do have a little list of things I'd like to work at this year.  And if I don't get to these things or accomplish them, it's okay.  I can always try for the next year.  As the saying goes..."If at first you don't succeed, try, try again."  I think "try" is written twice for people like me...who may find themselves trying again and again because they lost interest or got distracted or just flat out failed.  But you know, I think it's okay sometimes.  Cause the idea of getting another chance (or giving yourself another chance) to do something is better than feeling like a putz for failing and never striving for other goals for yourself again.

So here's my simple list of things I would like do in the next year:
-finish knitting Ez's baby blanket
-drink more water
-read The Great Gatsby
-learn to bake bread and a delicious pie crust
-post backlogged and new photos on this blog (which also implies, take more photos)

I look at this list and some of these things I will do/start and I may very well accomplish.  Some will probably not be consistent but I think if at least I tried, I'd be happy.  And some just seem daunting but I want one thing that will challenge and grow me (I'm talking to you, pie crust).  I think it'll help not setting out to do something consecutively, like learn to make a new pastry every week, cause then, I might as well quit now.  But with this list, I suppose I can resolve to do my best and hopefully, I'll be able to put check marks beside each one and call it a year.

January 22, 2013

seven months.

I just can't do it, narrowing down pictures to just a handful.  The older he gets...the more stuff he does, the more faces he makes, the more personality he shows.

He does this thing now, where he wiggles his head back and forth like a bobblehead doll.  Maybe he's dancing or is just being silly.  And he does this other thing, where he holds his hand up in a fist and twists and wiggles it around.  We don't know where these things came from or why he does them, but they're pretty adorable.

Also, it's quite possible his first word was "okay."  Both Matt and I heard it clearly come out of his mouth twice, within a minute of each other, as if he was responding to something I had just said to him.  It doesn't make sense that he would say "okay" and it be his first word, but we I like to think our kid is advanced.