May 22, 2013

eleven months.

These photo shoots are getting harder and harder with this little guy becoming more mobile.  He can hardly sit still now.  We first bribed him with Baby Einstein on an ipod (see dazed look with drool photo).  But we turned that off eventually and it was the end of the world for him (see having a fit photo).  So we appeased him with cheerios.  Yes, rewarding bad behaviour with food.  We're off to a good start as parents.

This kid started young as a babbler/talker and we've noticed that he's discovered new sounds by using his tongue to "speak."  He's been adding sticking-out-his-tongue L-sounds and back-of-the-tongue S-sounds to his "da da"s and "ba ba"s; he sort of sounds a bit like a lisping Daffy Duck.  Every once in a while he sounds like he's actually saying real words and phrases and they're often in the correct context.  When he leaves the room, he can respond to someone waving goodbye to him by waving back and saying what sounds like "bye-bye".  And one time, while in his high chair, he grabbed my hand and said what sounded like, "Gotcha".  And it wasn't just me that heard it.  Who knows if he really understands what he's saying, but I'm guessing that he'll be talking in no time.

Something else that's coming out of him is his little baby tantrums.  Not even a year, and he throws quite the little fit if he doesn't get what he wants or gets something taken from him.  I realize that babies may do this, but I don't find it particularly cute.  He'll respond by either throwing things, hitting the sides of his head, or ramming his fist into his mouth, or smashing his face on whatever surface is in front of him, or slamming his head back on whatever surface is behind him.  Sometimes, it's so ridiculous I can't help but chuckle.

But he's still incredibly adorable.  It's fun to see him respond to people now.  He looks at you when you say his name.  He smiles back at you when you smile at him (unless he's feeling shy).  He gets excited when you chase him.  He loves being with other children.  You can tell he's starting to appreciate music; when he hears it, he starts to sway to it or rock back and forth when he's on all fours.  He already has a good sense of rhythm.  And he cuddles more and it's the best thing when he snuggles up to you before he goes to bed.  He tucks his hands in between his tummy and yours and lays there like he knows that's the safest place he could be.

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